Tuesday, March 25

Opposite effect

Oh...finally I got the (stupid) girl who works for the property management company of the apartment I think I want to rent to answer her (f-ed up) phone. And when she answers it in the "Hi-yuh...this is Aush-lay..." I almost vomit in my mouth.
But I'm going to go see it tomorrow morning. It's cheap, it's in the next town (gang-infested, bullet-riddled) over that my parents don't want me to move to, and did I mention it's primary virtue? It's cheap?
Me and a (good(when you're on a roll why stop?)) friend went driving around said town yesterday evening, and ended up finding more houses for sale than for rent. It was kind of fun picking up flyers and imaging myself buying one. She is actually half way there--she's already married. In this place, if you're married you might as well buy a house and stick around. They'll get if either way.
We have another mutual friend (unmarried) who is house shopping. He's having a hard time deciding if he even wants to buy, buy here etc. I think it's because he's looking alone. This is not pulled from thin air. A few weeks ago he let it slip that he didn't want to be alone forever. If you buy a house by yourself, you're virtually locking the doors and dying alone. Not always, but for some people. He could be one of them. I would know. I would never buy a house by myself. Too much commitment. Of the opposite effect.

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