Friday, March 21

Oh, the choices!

As I traverse farther and deeper into the internet, I am faced with so many decisions to make regarding applications I wish to use. Who knew it would be such a hardship?

I discovered this beautiful site called netvibes. I have been using google, and was relatively happy with it. However, the asthetics of the thing I look at for several hours a day are quite important to me. What features they have, whether I can import profiles with the use of widgets, and share information in a quick and easy way. After setting up my netvibes profile, linking to my MySpace profile and Facebook, importing all of the blogs I had RSS'ed, and generally spending some time personalizing it, I realized that for all of it's prettiness, it lacked some of the features that I loved about plain old google. I like to be able to "star" emails and blog posts for later reference, to be able to share those (though I usually don't) with others on my network. What I like about netvibes is that your digital life is all on one page. But it's still in the process of revision. And with it being largely user driven, will see a lot of changes in the near future. Until then, I will have another look at iGoogle. I will try to customize it some more, and see if I can't look past it's plainness.

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