Friday, March 21

Day 7&8

Mostly because nobody ever comments to me, and so I really can't send you a loving and encouraging email to continue reading my little project here, I've skipped day 6 and am working stead on 7 and 8.

Day 7-- Plan a week's worth of posts

I have been thinking about this on my own for the last few days, as so much of what I'm learning in class and doing in work are starting to mesh. I have more questions that I would like to pose, and topics to discover, and so I think I will begin to plan out my next few days of posts. I can tell you it probably won't be so orderly as Darren suggests, but rather, a hodge-podge of ideas, a conglomeration of lists and links that flesh themselves out and fill in as the week goes on. How that looks, literally, on the page, we'll have to see.

Day 8-- Comment on a new blog

This one I like. While I read a lot of blogs, I rarely comment on them. I have been making an effort to leave a link to track back to my blog, to link to others in hopes that they find me. But looking for new kindred spirits could be just the ticket I'm looking for!

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