Sunday, January 27

The week ahead, in review.

So I'm closing the experiment, AKA the eHarmony account. Unless this beautiful black man named James writes me back before Feb. !st with some amazing sweep me off my feet answers and a spontaneous marriage proposal. Then I might extend it. But other than that, it's been fun, but I'm over being needy and searching for the approval of others on the internet via psuedoscientific matching.

On another note, I'm so confused, and conflustered with my new, beautiful computer. One day it works, the next it doesn't. I have spent a total of nearly two and half hours talking to tech support this week, getting two different answers from two differetn people about why my stupid computer won't connect to the internet. And now I'm awaiting a full-system-restore disk that will hopefully solve some kind of undetectable software error. This could be all human error, I realize, and no one is able to detect that because I'm just this side of smart enough that it often enough sounds like I know what I'm doing.

Ah. well. We'll see.

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