Sunday, January 20

Live and Learn

So funny story...Last week sometime, I would say Wednesday-ish, I got a call from eHarmony support.
me: Hello?
EH: Hello, this is Shaniqua with eHarmony. I would like to go over your profile with you if you have some time tonight? Is that alright?
me: *giggle* um...ok. *giggle
EH: Alright, we here at eharmony believe that you are taking the most important steps to finding the true love of your life. Now I see that you have four pictures posted, and that's great, they are really beautiful....
me: *creeped out*
EH: Did you know that you could post up to twelve?
me: Yeah.
EH: OK. Well I see that you have also spent some time answering our personality questions, and you have really delved into your personality and answered them well. And that's great.
me: *creeped out some more*

It went on like this, until I was reminded that it could take up to a year to find "the love of my life" and that if I wanted to take advantage of their special offer, I could get six months for only half the price, (which is still way too much.)

And further more, the last match that I was matched with, is somebody I know! Why do I want to keep paying for a service to match me up with people I already know, and ahem, am not interested in.

Comments, thoughts? I said I would give it a try, and I did. ANd I'm pretty much done. I think it has opened my eyes in that I know there are people that I would be compatible with out there. That has made me slightly more confident, I'm not so off-the-wall that no one would ever be interested, but I could have eventually figured that out myself, and saved the sixty, oh yes SIXTY bucks.
Oh well.

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