Wednesday, December 5


Simply because I have made a conscious decision not to take a large portion of social reactions into account, does not mean that I don't notice them. A compilation below:

Pink hair gets a lot of attention in Boise. Women raise their eybrows and look down, though not before looking twice. And men look. At the hair. Children don't seem to notice. I attribute this to the fact that either they don't notice or care, or that most of their cartoon character heroes have brightly colored hair and it is within the realm of normal.

People complain often about the state of something, and do little about it. Point-traffic vs. alternative transportation. Why was there not an uproar over a cyclist being killed a short time ago? Because if you care, it means that you should take action, and who would change the way they live if it makes life slightly less comfortable?

Men who wear left hand rings may or may not be married--if they are, it seems as though the book in their hand suddenly must be carried with the left hand, the hair smoothed ring-side up, or gestures made more profuse while speaking. If they are not married, the hand usually goes in the pocket, in the underside of a book or carried item or is of no consequence in their gestures.

Music is soul medicine. I often forget this, but am reminded when I hear truly good music. Sometimes even just music that imitates good music. I will have alist of songs you should hear if you haven't already shortly, as I am continuing to compile it.

Today is not a day for productivity.

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