Tuesday, December 25

Peace--and quiet preparation of tomorrows festive family torture, I have already begun planning my escape route.

With full on water-boarding beginning somewhere around three, and the actually drowning shortly thereafter when I have sufficiently stuffed my face and can no longer avoid actual interaction with a sheepish smile and forked filled goodness ambling toward one of many orifices, I will have enough time to toss a few gifts out, grab my keys and head downtown for some good-enough solitude.

Harsh, I know. Selfish-maybe. But enough is enough. I sometimes wonder why two holidays with so much emotionaltraditionalfamilial ties ended up so close to each other, and during the time of year when, if you have nothing else, you have your family. Which for some would be a comfort. But for most, is not.

The holidays bring many things. A spike in the suicide rate being one.

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