Wednesday, August 17

It's been a while

Sometimes I wish I knew the mind of God. Don't you? How it moved, and swayed inside time. How when unspeakably horrible things happen, things that to you make the earth shake and time stop, when these things happen, it is the hand of God moving in your life to change you, guide you and correct you. Love you.

It's odd how we understand love. Love, often thought to be a many splendored things, is defined originally in many different ways. I wonder sometimes though, how that translates into our understanding. Maybe love has nothing to do with it. Yes, its true that God loves us. And through our mistakes, but perhaps correction requires more than that. I'm really not even sure what.

Faith, the duty of fulfilling one's trust. That strikes me for some reason. Over and over, it's said that God is faithful. And to be faithful, one must have trust in something. God has trust in us? That's crazy? He knows we're worthless, and will fail time and time again. So why does he continue to put his trust into action through faith? It seems to me, though, that faith is a two part process. You have to have trust. You must possess it, gain it, require it, give it. And then you must fulfill the "duty" that that trust requires of you. If someone asks you to keep a secret, you must first ensure their confidence, learn the secret, thereby actually gaining their trust, and then keep the secret, not telling anyone, which builds their faith in you. The action is yours, but so then is the reward. If we put our trust in Jesus, just as he has in us, then our faith is strengthened, is it not? How could it not be? Why do we not return this faith?

If I'm going a little crazy with my reasoning, please, do stop me. It's been a while.

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