Wednesday, May 18


It's my birthday. Woo hoo. It is hard to feel excited. But I'm trying. My family sent me flowers. They were supposed to be delivered, but they weren't and I had to go pick them up. No big. Except it's my birthday, and it would have been fun to have them delievered. Do you hate birthday's like I do? I always get so excited about them, so jump-up-and-down-spin-around-crazy excited, and then I go to sleep still tired, still with things to do tomorrow, still. I wonder if excitment is an emotion created solely for the purpose of having ups and downs. I have yet to be excited, and have any expectations fulfilled.

I am 21.

I have another 60-70 years to live.

That's a lot of ups and downs.

No I did not go drink, even though I am now legal to. (I am here referring to alcohol.) Though it probably would have been a good day for it, considering.

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