Thursday, January 13


So I'm sitting in public participating in my usual people watching hour. And I have just noticed two girls watching me. Now these are not completely anonymous girls, they are girls I have met on several occasions, and have some idea of their level of propriety. It sinks very low to the ground in my opinion and judgment. However, this is more a realization about how I realized I felt when I saw them watching me. I became much more self conscious of my, one might say, bird like neck that tends to swivel around while watching those creatires that fascinate me most. My sight flits from one face and conversation to the next on whim, and never has this bothered me until now. But as soon as I realized, they were actually watching me as I myself might watch a specimen, and not just glancing casually in my general direction, as there is nothing around me, behind me or near me of interest i should assume They are indeed watching me as well. So I have decided to record this experience even as I continue my daily activity, which has added new dimension. Now, not only am I watching them, but this one who sits busily typing might also be recording her thoughts and observations, which is exactly the case.

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