Thursday, December 9

Argue with me

I think my boss is just about at dumb as I thought she was. I tried to talk to her today about a concern I had over a decision she had made. So I presented my concern calmly and logically, after she had brought up the subject, and in an unaggressive manner. She immediately thought I was questioning her judgement and calling into question her more than three years of experience versus my measely three months. I got so ticked; she sits in an office, not interacting with anyone who these decisons affects, and then when I try to inform her on some of the things that she might want to consider before making such vastly important changes, she says my experience has no bearing. No bearing, because I am not an integral part of anything, I'm a lump on a log. Then why the hell does she pay me. I am so mad, because not only do I see things in a way different than she does and she doesn't want to even look at it from that angle, but I'm not the only one who sees it that way. However I am the only who will say so. Fuck that shit. That's so unfair. So now, an innocent person will possibly have their life forever altered, maybe never coming in contact with good influences again, because she "didn't want to argue with me." Well, argue with me, maybe your mind will finally wrap around a new idea and something good will come out of your mouth.

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*offers consolations*

hey, sorry i never logged back.. here's my payback for you


Happy holidays to you too!