Monday, September 20

Good Conversation

I had one of the best conversations I'd had in a long time today. It was a natural thing, where I said something, and he responded, and then I remarked in return. It was wonderful, and it reminded me of how beautiful relationships between men and women can be. We really didn't say much. But the lyrics didn't matter so much as the melody. I wondered the whole time, if he was thinking the same thing as I was. I wondered, also, if he liked my smile. But I didn't ask him these things. There are some things that have a melancholy to them, like the song in a conversation when you are thinking between the words of something else. It's a reality I wish I could experience more often. Because although it's sorrowful in one respect, there is lovliness in it's simplicity. I don't know that it matters who you speak with. But too bad he's in love with my best friend.

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