Friday, June 4

Feeling Good

I decided to go for a drive today. So I grabbed my sunglasses, hopped in the car and cranked the radio. I love just driving down the road with the wind blowing my hair all crazy, and singing along to songs that I don't know all the words to off-key. There is a simplicity to that kind of day that makes me think that yesterday, and I mean yesterday in the twenty years ago sense, was a time when we were better people. Was it just that we were naive? We hadn't acknowledged all that we have come to recognize today, and we were innocent of the kinds of worries that we face daily. I wonder sometimes if I would have been happier if I had been born in my grandmother's generation. When my only responsiblity would have been a home and a family and finding happiness in those simple things. Although, there has come a time where it seems we are returning to much of those things. So maybe I won't be so unlike those women of my grandmothers time afterall. Except, of course, I have the modern convenience of the womens liberation movement.

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