Saturday, June 29

I'm such a snob

A paleo snob that. is. You see, I've been playing with eating paleo for the last few years. I've finally figured out that it REALLY does make me feel better, it REALLY does make me look better, and I'm finally REALLY doing it. Keeping track of ingredients, paying attention to macronutrients consumed, and loving every paleo-snob minute of it.

But you see, this blog post is about the snob part. You see, the tracker I use to calculate paleo recipes and keep track of those nutrients is not paleo specific. And the emails I find in my inbox and the banners that flash across the page when I enter in my daily fuel scream conventional wisdom at me, and it makes me sad. Not because of all those poor people that follow the conventional wisdom, although I get sad about that too, but because these people, the ones writing the articles, posting the "low-cal" recipes, and just in general advising millions of people, SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

Shouldn't they? I mean, come on! How is it possible that this way of eating has gone virtually undetected in our hugely unsatisfying weight loss industry for so long? How did these people, that studied nutrition and fitness and practiced all kinds of sport, never NOTICED that their diets required these things that paleo pronounces? Perhaps they were taught wrongly, yes. But how can someone whose entire career based on health never change their thinking? Do they read? Do they continue their education? Do they diversify their sources of these two things?

So, I have become a snob. And I'm ok with it. I would be happy to engage in a discussion on why paleo, to whatever extent and even with my limited knowledge, is necessary for your well being. I will not harass you about it, but I will educate you.

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