Tuesday, August 11

Updates, updates.

I have about a million things to write about. I will write about a few, in true me-style, most likely in long rambling sentences that touch on numerous topics.

I completed my first triathlon last weekend! It was an amazing experience, and I will definitely do it again. During the run (and walk...) I felt unsure if I COULD finish, my legs were moving so slowly, and I had no energy to make them work harder. I now understand why people collapse at the end of marathons... But I knew I COULD finish, and kept on. I'm so glad I did. I had a goal to finish, preferably under 2 hours, and I met both! Yay! I'm planning on doing at least one sprint next year, and I'll be training for an Oly, though I kind of doubt I will be that in shape by this time next year...we'll see.

I did move. I'm living in podunk. Nice podunk. But still podunk. To me anyways. I think it's nice, for what it is, but it's not Boise. And...after all the hemming and hawing, I really, really, REALLY love Boise. And...there might be someone there to keep me there (or take me back...) Time will tell on that one.

I think I finally had a I-have-no-money-but-still-need-to-decorate-my-classroom breakthrough today! I'm getting really excited for school to start, even though I have thought little about what I'm going to do in the first few days. That's what next week is for...right? I am pondering starting a new blog just for lesson plans and classroom musings. If I do, and you're interested in keeping tabs on that one, let me know!

Until next time!

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