Wednesday, December 10

The beginning of the end...

Today was my last day student teaching. Well, student teaching in this particular placement. And, seeing as how I couldn't wait to be finished, I'm a little uncertain why I feel kind of sad.

The second period class I worked with do you say...brats. Complete and utter horribleness. But, by the end of my six (or seven or eight or nine) weeks, they seemed to genuinely like me, and I them. They were the only class to cry in outrage when my CT reminded them that today would be my last day in class. And they were the only ones who wanted a hug to commemorate the leaving. I got six. Or something like that. Considering that they're 13, too cool (literally) for school and whatnot, I will take it as a good sign.

I have more to say, but my thoughts are jumbling, and I kind of have to pee.

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