Thursday, September 4

The Sweetest Thing

Had you been on a particular major road heading south last night at approximately 9:15, you would have seen a girl around my age, about my height and figure, carefully picking her away through a church lawn, the trek sabotaged by sprinklers. I was doing a pretty good job of avoiding their attack until two of them converged to soak me, and my giant red bag of which contained my laptop. This is when I shrieked, cuddling my bag like it was a child and the flying water acid rain. It was a sad day for women's history.

As I have done in the past I intend to keep all you interested readers (the three and a half of you) updated on the goings on of my life. While I was on vacation (the period of time where you had nothing good to read since I was not blogging) I officially began a triathlon training program. Now, I have kept active over the last few years, partaking in my share of hikes and walks and what not. BUT...I am not a runner. Never have been and probably never will be. It's just not fun, whether on a track or trail. I have never found personal fulfillment in running like some do. Not to mention, with all my athletic ability (which is arguable), I still manage to be clumsier then most, and after several knee injuries (I fell on it, several times, usually in public and to my great embarrassment) I have a displace knee cap. Fixable with simple exercises, but can make running kind of...painful. Literally.

However, in order for me to compete in such an athletic event, I must run. Somewhere between 1 and 3.1 miles. (before you ask why the running portion is so short, I am aiming at a Sprint Tri, which is about half the distance of a Standard Tri.) I'm following a meal plan, and keeping track of my training days which are outlined by a suggested program for VERY beginners. And while I'm still working on the mental/motivational side of training, physically it hasn't been too hard. And I'm running, actually running. Short bursts of running, but still. I'm excited about training over the next year. I think it will be good for me both mentally and physically.

While still somewhat on the topic, I have decided to call my preplanned workouts "training," rather than exercise, workouts, etc. Training is synonymous with education, and we all know how us teachers like to get our learn on.

In fact, I'm only half way done with my Masters, and I'm already convinced I'll return to school for my doctorate. It's disgusting, I know. But it would be awesome to be the first one in my family with the degree. And really, I want the opportunity that a higher degree would provide--teaching at the college level and what not.

This morning I bought a road bike to continue training. I'm pretty psyched about it. It's nothing special, but it's mine, and it's more opportunity to continue training.

PS...I really do love Lauryn Hill.

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