Monday, September 1

Labor Day

This has pretty much been the best day I've had in a long time.

I woke up this morning (not to my alarm set at six,) but to a call from my old roommate and friend Darcy. She invited me over for breakfast, we ran some errands, and have now made the short jaunt down the hill from her house to the uberhip coffee shop appropriately named Java.

And just now, as I'm sitting next to my friend who is reading, I realize how much I have expected out of a life that isn't necessarily mine to have. It's the simple things, the friends at coffee shops, the walk, and the sunshine that makes a day good, not how much you do, or work or strive. But just in the being. With those that love you even when you admit mistakes and make new ones. I feel renewed and refreshed. And the only thing to worry about is the shadow over me, which seems to be brightening each day.

So, this labor day, it's a good day.

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