Wednesday, September 24

I don't know that a priest is required...

I must confess, that as I sit in a coffee shop only a block away from my favorite bar, I wish I was drinking a vodka pineapple rather than my soy vanilla latte. Not that the latte is unsatisfactory. In fact, paired with this crunchy, peanutbuttery, chocolately concoction, it's quite pleasant. However, it's Wednesday night. That means it's ladies night. No cover, cheap drinks, and lots of people you've never met, and probably will never meet again.

I have a streak of rebellion running wide through me. I always have, I think. But until more recently, I have been able (or chosen to I'm not sure which) acted not in accordance to this rebellious urging, but rather, as the goody-goody I was thought to be. Who thought this, I'm not sure of anymore. But nevertheless, I followed the rules, and only toed the line.

Now, today and for many days to come, I want jump across the line with exuberance, and break rules not even thought up yet. This seems to come later in life for me than most. While the majority of people express such urges while in high school or college, I am now twenty four, well on my way to earning a Master's Degree, and wishing I could get sloshed with my girly friends and cause trouble of only the worst kind. But alas, those who I would go out with have passed this phase, or don't have the same urgings I do. What's a girl to do?

For now, I will drink my bland latte, examine the shoes of those who come in only as a quick getsomethinginmebeforeI'mplastered stop, and cause no kind of trouble whatsoever. I suppose I will have to save the rabel rousing for another day. ;)

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