Saturday, September 6

alive in life

So, part of my professional responsibilities includes two things I love: working with teens, and volunteering. I had my first "official" Teen Volunteer Orientation this morning, and I LOVED it.

Ten or so volunteers showed up, some of them new, some of them regulars that have been coming in regularly. I had spent quite a bit of time this summer restructuring how TV work with us. And I think it paid off. They all showed up sleepy-eyed at 930 this morning just to hear me tell them how to clean books, keep a time sheet and what not. On a side note, this really was necessary. I spent a year of my life working within a fabulously organized volunteer organization, and there is no telling what you can with volunteers if you keep track of how they work and acknowledge how HARD they work. Especially with teens.

But this was the best part: I loved just talking with them. I am nervous about working with teens this coming year in my Student Teaching assignments, but every time you put me in a group of them, like this morning, I remember why I love it. They are so awesome! It's something unexplainable. It's not the way they talk or act. I just feel alive when I work with kids, especially teens. It's...I'm speechless about it, really.

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