Tuesday, July 8

I want a dog SOOO bad!

I want a dog so bad. The last dog I had, that was my very own, I got as a birthday present when I was fifteen. She was beautiful. A purebred Golden Retriever, Dixie was just the dog I had hoped for when I begged my parents to get me a puppy. A few short years later when I went to college, I didn't know that what would be missing was my time with Dixie.

She died from something unknown, probably cancer, right after I graduated from college and moved back home. She was older, fatter, but still beautiful and happy as ever. When she suddenly got sick, I took her to the vet, and two days later all I had to show for it was the $250 vet bill.

Now I want a puppy again. This time, I don't have to beg my parents. I have to beg my landlord. You see, dogs are not allowed as per the lease. Cats, disgusting, smelly creatures that they are, are allowed. I'm looking for the perfect dog. When I find it, I just might have to move.

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