Friday, June 20

This is your life...

If you are currently a student pursuing a degree, and working full time AND trying to keep some kind of life intact. It has become coffee, coffee coffee and more coffee with the obligatory reading and pastry when necessary.

I'm happy to report that my goal of running a triathlon next year has some momentum...the kind you often associate with large moving object...slow and steady wins the race, right? I've worked out (I can barely call it that, but at this point in my life, where my job requires that I sit for hours endlessly, any kinetic activity is fabulous) three times this week, plan on making tomorrow morning number four, and am looking forward to seeing some results from the effort. Even if it's just finishing the dang race. In addition to my excitement, three or four other people in my program have started thinking and talking about doing one too! How cool is that? Maybe we could just take over a whole race and run together? All the teachers with matching t-shirts come racing across the finish line...wouldn't that be cute?

In other news, I've received a wild number of hits on my blog since it was posted over at our friends This Week in Education. And I've been toying with the idea of a professional blog again. I think I might have to. This one sure is a lot more personal than I thought it was, and to mix this much pleasure with business will inevitably cause problems. Opinions, thoughts?

Thanks for reading, keep it coming!

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