Thursday, June 12


Community living opportunity

I had the chance to meet Eliacin last year, a member of the MSA House in Seattle. I went to a conference on Monastic living, and among other things, was impressed with how "doable" living in community with others seemed after meeting some who have and are. Now, after following the MSA-ers for a year and half, my knee-jerk fascination has waned, but the idea and principle has kept a tight hold on my imagination and sensibilities.

I don't have time, nor really the emotional capacity, to flesh out my thoughts on living in community right now. I still have a deep commitment to it in theory as a way to live life with others, experience that life more fully, and love in a humble way, and would like to eventually explore it more fully.

Anyway, check it out! It might be worth more than you thought.

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