Tuesday, June 17


So I guess it was worth it!

I didn't tell you all (and now there is more of you!) but last week sometime, I "applied" in response to a guest blogger post that I saw on a blog I subscribe to. It's much more professional than mine. But I thought, what the hay, I might as well spend the five minutes and send an email. Who's it gonna hurt, right?

And you'll never believe, my "application" post was linked from said blog! See it? Title: sheep, writer: ME! Yowsahs! Maybe I should go back and watch what I say...

I have always wanted to write professionally. (It is, after all, what I studied and live for.) And this was a fairly no stress way for me to try it out if given the opportunity. Who knows, if this teaching gig doesn't work out, maybe I can fall back on blogging...?

(HILARIOUS SIDE NOTE: I'm working in the teen center right now, and some kid just walked by saying to another teen "...who knows, maybe you can get famous just by blogging..." Is that you God?)

And finally, P.S. I tried to find the Strong Bad cartoon that references the title of this post, but can't. If you do, link it in the comments!

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