Friday, May 23

Great: large, big, HUGE

Oh...the learning curve is great.

Blogging has kind of become my dirty little secret in the past few weeks. Those that read more regularly will have noticed a diminished number of posts, for several reasons. I started three new classes within the last seven days and am severely exhausted. I don't know that I am really physically tired, but mentally, I need a break, and don't see one in sight. I've also seen a spike in my social life that has been purely superficial. Three dates (two for real, one a meeting of sorts with the opposite sex) and nothing that came of it drained me of my zest for male, and now leaves me just plain tired. And I'm also in another (or maybe it's just been extended) period of angst: am I really doing what I want to do? This I will save for another post, as I want to do some serious blogging about some decisions, past posts and such.

My bike is broken, the one I was so excited to get, and waited, seemingly, forever for. I don't know that I will be able to return it, so I might be stuck with a bike that is kind of crappy. And that just kind of adds to my general sense of disappointment.

I had my one year review today at work! While it was good overall, resulting in a financial payoff, the downside was that the same issue I had at my last job came up as something I needed to work on. I wear my emotions on my sleeve, and I let it affect my working relationships. I don't always notice tension that results from this, but apparently it was enough of a problem that other employees and my supervisor included as input (this is a normal part of our evaluation). I'm glad to say that my supervisor didn't think it was a big enough issue to address further, just one that needed to be made note of.
I AM someone who is VERY emotional. I recognize that, and have known it and addressed it previously. If this blog is no indicator, I am up and down and all around on all kinds of things. I'm a kind of it's cold-now-it's-too-hot-and-I-don't-want-to-wear-this-color-anymore-today kind of person. I'm a girl. In all senses of the word. And I see that as a positive. I just need to focus that energy, in some way, so as to avoid the negative that can occur from it as well.

Like I said, the learning curve is great.

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