Sunday, March 23

Looking for...something

The moon has been out so big and bright and beautiful the past few nights. I went looking for it...moon hunting if you will, tonight. And it wasn't there. I drove up to the top of a hill, the only hill, and it wasn't around. I went down into the city to see if I could look up and find it. It wasn't there. I drove around in circles, trying to see if it was hiding around the corner somewhere, knowing that it was the exact thing I was in pursuit, remaining elusive and coy. But it wasn't there. It wasn't anywhere. So I drove home. Used half a tank of gas, nearly. And have a few new picture of not much to show for it.

Isn't that how life is? We see something we want, and try to duplicate, discover or pry it from life, and instead it remains the girl who turns you down when you ask her to dance. We just have to wait for her to turn her eyes on us, to take a fancy to us, and decide that it is me that she wants chasing her, and then she will chase me. Oh life.

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