Sunday, February 3

Muddled thoughts.

I'm such a tail-chasing dog!

So I met this really nice small-town boy on eharmony, right? And because he was so nice, and didn't ask me out within the first four weeks of knowing me (approximately 8 emails on the EH site) I dogged him, and closed the match. I told him I had closed my account, whcih I actually intended to do, until James came along, all beautiful and unavailable being that he lives in Sacremento. And so I waited two hours too long,and EH charged me for another thirty days. Another fifty bucks down the tubes.

And I can't help but feel that, even though I like him, voting for Obama will be bringing our country one step closer to a facist regime. Maybe not right away, maybe not in his term or the next one, but eventually.

And I'm so sick of the snow. I want to be able to wear short pants and shoes without socks. I look forward to baring my ankles again. Oh, ankles, how I've missed thee.

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