Friday, February 22

I just want to say...

I HATE YOU! People with small children, who haven't yet realized that your life has changed by the shear fact of giving life to another being, and remain so ostentatiously selfish, including your child and the public at-large in your charade of parenting. Here are a few examples I have witnessed only recently:

A completely disengaged couple, with three small children, in a coffee shop at an hour when most children their ages should be or are sleeping, but because their parents here insist on forgetting their implicit parental pledge, they live on adult time, rather than that was...CIRCADIAN RHYTHM.

Another married couple, who have this child with them I assume only as a way to validate the marriage that is in and of itself false because they are both obviously gay, again, at a coffee shop.

Why, Why, WHY!!!! must you people expose these innocents to not only unhealthy adult behavior, addictions to caffeine and such, but ignore them while doing so?

I hope you all die alone, abandoned by the children you have thus far NOT raised, in penance for your ignorance.

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Anna said...

oh man jessica. this one is to good - and so sadly true! i'm especially a fan of the end bit though. with the wretched so-called-parents dying alone.