Monday, February 11

31 Days to a Better Blog

So, on my journey to better blogging, gaining readership, (did you know you had an official title, reader?) and making myself an all around better writer, I have found this.

I'm excited, and totally stumped, about some of the challenges presented so far. I've always considered myself somewhat technologically proficient, but even just reading through the ideas this guy presents gives me some shivers. What is SEO? How do I know what my niche is?

I think it will help give me some clarity on where this whole thing is going though. I know I've been talking about beginning a professional blog. And I'm thinking this will help me narrow my vision, figure out what exactly I want this whole blogging thing to be anyway. My little motto at the top of the page has sufficed so far, but it my be time to turn a new page, er...key stroke?

I hope you'll be active participants in this with me. Leave your comments, feedback, do I change...start over...stay the same? After all, this is here for you, well and for me, but for you.

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