Monday, February 25


Day 4 - Interlink Archived Posts
I have added tags to my posts through the beginning of this year. So for those loyal readers (all twelve of you) who like one topic that I blog about, and wish to wade through only those, look for the labels link on the right side of the page and find past articles of similar interest. I'll be working to tag all 135 posts in the next few weeks. But as my time is precious, and really I don't want to spend it on the computer for you, er....I mean. I'll be working at your beck and call.

Day 5 - Conduct an ‘About Page Audit’
I did this, and think I have maintained as much anonymity as possible, while following the suggestions provided. I hope that those that know me would say it reflects my true person, and those that don't now know something more of myself.

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