Tuesday, January 8

unSick day

I'm sick today.
The kind that you know will be worse tomorrow. The kind that wakes you up at five thirty in the morning, not to lick you on the face like a puppy, but to pull you out of bed only to laugh at you when you fall down from your sudden lack of balance.
That kind.
It could be partly my fault. I have been drinking a lot of tea. Green tea, chamomile, a detoxifying blend, herbal rosehips. And tea is supposed to be good for you. Oh yeah, how is that my fault?
I'm looking into the peacecorps today as well. While I'm supposed to be working, but can't or won't because I'm ill-feeling and not really willing to do any more work than I already have.
"What...yes we have books here." That's about what you'll get from me today.
And I'm also looking into
I really want to go. How cool would that be?

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