Thursday, January 3

{Professional} development

I'm seriously considering starting another blog. For several reasons.

One: I would like to chronicle my experiences as a new and upcoming teacher separately from the experiences I write about here. Obviously, date nights and lesson plans don't really coincide.

Two: I would like to try another server. Maybe Typepade. Maybe wordpress. Something with a little more oomph.

Three: I think that's it really. Is that enough? Would a more professional appearance allow me to use the blog format in the interviewing process? Since I have considered using blogging/wikis in the classroom, it would be appropriate to introduce prospective employers to the concept by way of lesson plans and educationally related posts, would it not?

I will have to think on it a little more. I don't know if I have the time, honestly, for two virtual personas. And I have gained a fondness for this little piece of space and time that is mine here. Would it be too cold and crass any other way?

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