Monday, November 26

Why I hate Lifetime.

Why, when we are all told that we are special and unique and gifted in particular ways, do we all struggle with this feeling of similarity? I am typical. I know I am. I have typical dreams, and typical worries, and typical ideas about life and how it should be. When I watch someone on a sappy TV movie, I can relate to them, no matter who or how the character. And I hate that. I think we all do. If I am not better than typical, I would rather be worse. And finding that balance, that is anti-typical, is a seemingly endless pursuit.

Is there any way to really know what you are? Not who you are, but what- what you’re made of and how it works together with other beings in the universe to make a society. Other than interacting with it, I mean.

The interacting part is always the hard part.

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