Thursday, November 29

Eight hours of Observation

I love that I can shop at eight o' clock in the morning. Satisfying the primal urge to hunt for over-priced crap is a longing that is way over due in being indulged.

When I told my brother-in-law Bryan that I was going to work with my sister, who works in Bellevue, an hour and a half commute albeit approximately 13 miles from their abode, and planned on spending the day shopping while she worked, he replied with..."you're going to shop for eight hours!?!" Shock, disbelief, and yes, disgust run through the short river of words.

And I did go shop. Though no for eight hours, a mere five. My imitation crocs failed me halfway through the day and I am left with shin splints and weary heels. Ahh...but the observations.

I was greeted early this morning by a rarely seen creature in Boise. Much like the werewolf, or similar epic and fairytale portions, the metrosexual is a wondrous being, beautiful in its stalk, and distinct in its ethereal nature, one must actually interact with one to completely comprehend the value that the vain and feminine man possesses. Thankfully, I have a friend's husband who has found himself hibernating in the aquiferous land of the treasured valley, though has since lost much of the metro- of his -sexual.

The older woman, something o be desired and sought after in the treasured valley though not yet discovered, is abundant in the greater lands of evergreen. Perhaps it is the crisper air, humid summers, moist climate that allows them to remain so finely preserved in their state. Obviously it preserves their state of emotional and intellectual being as well; the majority of the species go undetected by way of disguising themselves in the native garb--Northface and Columbia, Prada and Gucci, and animal print shoes that one must remind oneself that someone had to consider purchasing prior to actually purchasing.

In closing, I am thankful both for my homeland. And my new place of residence. Though I am not naive in thinking I will settle in either. Like any animal, there are many lairs, dens and lands for many seasons.

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