Wednesday, June 15

who knows- - -?

I entered a poem, written about a year ago in a poetry writing class, in a contest. The first prize is supposedly worth ten thousand dollars. I thought it might be a scam, and I thought I would have to buy an anthology or something where my poem is "published" in order to get the prize money. But I was informed today that my poem was selected as a semi finalist in this contest. No I don't have to buy anything, and yes it has turned out to be legitimate. I turned this in on a whim, and there is a chance that I could actually win. I am praying to God that I do, because there is a lot I could do with ten thousand dollars. Most of which would be selfish, but selfishly necessary, you could say. I would pay for school, I would buy a car, I would donate some of it to the organization I work with. So much can be done with money. It's astounding.

Maybe this is a small step in the right direction towards becoming a world famous author, who knows?


Jm said...

That's COOL!!!! :-)

Hope you get it!!

Tristan said...

Coool! Good luck - let us know how it works out!

Do you know when you'll find out??

Tristan said...

Have you won yet? Am I talking to a famous poet now? *grin* :-D

everydayjae said...

I won something, but I don't know that it was any money. They keep sending me emails about going and getting "bowl so big you should bring another suitcase." I'm glad my poetry was good enough to win a bowl.