Sunday, May 29

Rambling (wo)man

Faith is a two way street.

This morning at church, we hear about a passage in James where we are warned that teachers will be more strictly judged. Do not assume that you should be a teacher, and learn restraint in speaking.

I don't know that I have assumed that I am a "teacher," but I have tried to be faithful, and follow God's calling for me. It has lead, often, to places of leadership where I am in fact teaching and leading. I find this...uncomfortable. Because it is not a strength of mine. It is not something I would choose as a career. It is not something I, in and of itself, like to do. But I do it anyway. Hoping that this is actually what God has called me to do, and that I will be made stronger from the experience. I want to continue to listen and hear and follow. But I am finding that Faith is a two way street. In order to lead to have to follow, and to follow, you have lead. Discipling and being a disciple is hard work. Maybe something I should commit myself to more fully. I am not sure. I will have to continue to work this out in my head. If any of that makes sense anyway.

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