Wednesday, April 27

Half the Hour

"one does not fall in love. one grows into love, and love in him."

Why are we so afraid to be vulnerable. Not a question. A statement? Because we are. There is a reality that we hold dear, and one that we fear, but that finds us out anyway. Seeks us out and gives life to us or us life to it. Either way, we are vulnerable when we least expect it. Like in the morning, or late at night. Or in line at the grocery store when we don't have our makeup on and we aren't trying to impress anyone. We let our guard down, when it isn't up. There are those times, when we aren't thinking about it, and we don't realize it, but something magical and wonderful happens, and it was because we just were. And those are the times we were vulnerable. We didn't know it then. But we look back, and we say, that was great, it would have been bad, but it was great. And then we seek to forever find it again. But because we are looking for it, we don't. When we are looking, we can fall, and one does not fall into anything good, but good comes up to them when they least expect it. And then it leaves. It's not a sad happening. Just a happening that is.

Half the hour's passed right now and hurries
Hurry on their way. Scurry on and to your day,
Don't stop, don't stop or lose yourself and way!
But you stopped, and stayed
A while.
And there within our How-do-you-do's,
There was something unkempt that came through
The lips, and spoke the words that sayed my name
And made me lose my breath.

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Tristan said...

I keep coming back every day to see if you've updated, but you haven't! I love the deep thinking :)

Yours hopefully,